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If you consider yourself even a little adventurous, rafting is a discipline which you must try. To raft down the foaming river you will need good will and swimming expertise. If you listen to the instructions of the skipper about how, when and how hard you need to paddle or when to throw yourself into the boat and hold tight, you will experience an adventure which you will be able to boast about and remember for a very long time.

3-4 hour adventure on the river Cetina could make your vacation unforgettable. You don’t have to be in top form but you have to paddle. Here you will see nature in its best, beautiful lakes, vegetation cliffs, waterfalls, caves...



CANOEING - canoe safary

Easy paddling on quiet parts of the river Cetina in unsinkable kayaks for two or canoes for more people as well as conquering the rapids ideal for beginners will stay in your memory forever. Following the river currents, you will pass by picturesque fields through which the meandering river passes and so relaxed, feel the intoxication of the calm and quiet which surrounds you.

Canoeing can be a participant of an exciting and attractive meeting with Cetina river. Because of its wild nature and constant rearing, this river was called the Horse River in the Ilirian times. Immerse yourself in the charms of that beautiful and unpredictable Dalmatian river. Canoeing route is around 8 km long and passes through the deeply cut-in canyon, with numerous rapids and small waterfalls in an untouched virgin landscape.


free climbing


For thousands of years the river Cetina has shaped the canyon creating wondrous shapes in the rock of its basin. A clear and clean river pleasant for bathing, cliffs up to one hundred and eighty metres in height, waterfalls, underwater tunnels, lakes, the fifty metre high Gubavica waterfall and the humming of the river which becomes louder and louder will allow you to experience the true power and beauty of nature.

Experience a true adventure in the canyon of the Cetina river, and enjoy the hidden beauty of the canyon, which is in certain areas up to 120 m deep.


free climbing


Free climbing under the watchful eye of instructors and using the appropriate climbing gear, is an absolutely safe sport which really everyone can try. The most important thing to know is how to choose the right direction – that is, that the difficulty of the climb is suited to your physical abilities and you will truly enjoy in climbing equally as much as experienced climbers.

Omis is attractive location for free climbing for beginners, as well as for the most demanding climbers. Over 40 routs within 7 climbing sites - in close proximity to the town.




The Adriatic, crystal clear and blue, framed with green pine trees and shrubs, with so many islands and islets, rocks, and sandbanks is known for its beauty. A particularly strong is the impression of the sea meeting the mountains steeply precipitating to its depths in the very centre of the Adriatic – the central Dalmatia. The most beautiful diving into the living submarine world is on banks and steep submarine cliffs sinking into the sea depths. There you can see octopuses, groupers, giltheads, sea basses, scorpionfish, lobsters, conger eel, shoals of pilchards and merry damselfish or rare large fish (tuna, greater amberjack, etc.). If you're lucky, you will be visited by a benevolent dolphin or a sea horse.

Omiš, due to its position, in Central Dalmatia, as well as proximity to the islands of Hvar and Brac and spectacular Vrulja (underwater springs) is extremely interesting for all kinds of diving, including wreck diving, reef diving, cave diving and night diving.



The beauty of hidden paths, views of the seaside places and islands, cultivated fields, olive groves and vineyards on terraces scarce with soil stolen from the rocky land, tirelessly tell the story of the local people.

Discover hidden corners and endless beauty barely visible to the eye; meet the everyday man who is very much in the habit of always unselfishly sharing the little he has with welcomed guests.

The heavenly combination of the sea and mountains, sunny islands and tame mountain range, will fill your heart and make you want to visit again.